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Colour Options

Vuelite profiles are available in a wide range of colour options through a painting technique called Powder Coating. In the process of Powder Coating, the aluminium is first cleaned and de-greased, before a coloured powder is then sprayed onto the statically charged profiles. These profiles are subsequently baked in ovens, allowing the powder to melt together to offer a stable and high quality finish. Vuelite offer a minimum 60 micron paint finish as standard, and to guarantee maximum quality, the procedure is performed according to the strict guidelines of the European Qualicoat standard.


For enhanced protection in aggressive marine environments Vuelite can offer additional protection to the aluminium profiles through the pre-anodisation of all sections prior to the Powder Coating process with an artificial oxidation treatment. This specialized procedure offers unrivalled performance throughout the industry and is performed in accordance with the strict guidelines of the European Qualanod standard.

Coatex Textured Finish

As an exclusive alternative to the standard paint finish, Vuelite are delighted to offer the Coatex Textured finish.


Coatex is a lightly textured Powder Coat finish, available in a range of colours, offering a contemporary metallic look combined with improved scratch resistance.

RAL Colour options