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If you want to keep at the cutting edge of what is possible in the world of sliding doors,
then look no further than the VueSlide 130LS

Combining uninterrupted views, flexible design and fantastic aesthetics the VueSlide 130 LS also has an impressive specification

Despite the slim sightlines the VueSlide 130LS carries up to 300kg of weight allowing you to span large apertures with fewer panels and reach heights of up to 2700mm. The size of double or triple glazed units does not affect the smooth single finger operation of the opening mechanism, and creates beautiful light open spaces.

The cornerless opening allows you to open up the interior of a property like never before and creating a breath taking architectural statement.

The styling does not impact on the impressive functionality of these doors. With U values as low as 1.3 and weathering performance of up to 750pa the doors withstand most conditions. However for extreme marine environments enhancements are available.

The VueSlide 130LS is available in the full RAL range of colours with dual colour also available as well as Coatex textured finish and a selection of designer handles the doors can truly be customised.

Together with high energy performance and the stylish customisable looks, our doors make an excellent solution for the low-energy contemporary architecture.

Discover more below in our interactive diagram.