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Are sliding doors a threat to the bi-folding door?

Bi-folding doors have been around for some time and they are a product that the consumer knows and loves. But are the practical and easy to operate? Aluminium lift and slide doors are relatively new to the consumer and at first many think they are hard...

Winter is coming

With winter on its way now is the time to think about how you will be enjoying your garden you’re your outdoor spaces once the bad weather makes it more difficult to actually be outside. Sliding aluminium doors are one of the many solutions on the...

Mind the Gap!

Imagine a home has a beautiful garden with a far reaching view, the owner adds a large extension and now has a 7 meter –What product could be used to fill that gap? Patio doors are out – too many windows and side lights to make...

Renovation at the next level

There is a growing trend to extend and renovate rather than move as for many families there comes a time when space starts to run out a simple knock-through to combine rooms at the rear of the home can be the quick and easy solution...

Lift and Slide vs Bi-fold

The market for Bi-fold doors lost 7% last year, does this signal the way of things to come? Has the shift to lift and slide doors begun? For some time now discerning homeowners have looked to the bi-fold to open up their home to outdoor spaces,...