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Hey good looking….

Sliding patio doors used to be dull at best and ugly at worst. With frames of debatable quality and a choice of grey, grey or grey unsurprisingly they did not capture the public's imagination. And if you did opt for a sliding door then the...

Why should you choose Aluminium?

Reason 1 - Stronger=More Glass Because aluminium is a strong material it can allow for large glass expanses without the need for bulky frame to support it and aluminium frames tend to have smaller meeting stiles than their uPVC and composite counterparts Reason 2 - Minimal expansion/contraction All...

what to look for when buying a lift and slide door

When choosing a Lift and Slide door consider the following areas so to best fit your property and requirements. SECURITY Our homes are precious, they hold inside the things most dear to us. Don’t compromise security – Look for an ENV 1627 or ENV 1630 test rating....