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Mind the Gap!

Imagine a home has a beautiful garden with a far reaching view, the owner adds a large extension and now has a 7 meter –What product could be used to fill that gap? Patio doors are out – too many windows and side lights to make...

130LS Aluminium detail
Thermally broken is fixing modern aluminium

Remember the aluminium windows from the 1970’s that were covered in condensation and did little to prevent heat leaving a room? Thankfully, glazing technology has come on leaps and bounds since. Modern aluminium windows offer great thermal ratings – known as ‘U’ values – and prevent...

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VueSlide 130LS performance stats

Size of door Our VueSlide 130LS is capable of bearing a weight of 300kg and panels up to 2700mm high however please contact VueLite to discuss larger doors beyond these parameters as we do have alternative systems that can take more weight. Profile size The two track door...