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Exposed locations

This stunning Cornish property needed a glazing solution that was robust enough to deal with the temperamental weather in a very exposed location but also looked stunning. VueLite were able to provide our Cornish retailer with a selection of lift and slide doors that looked sleek...

Let there be light!

Our retailer came to us because they had a customer with an extension that wanted a glazing solution that fitted with their project timeline, was easy to use, high quality and different. They had looked at bi-folds but the lift and slide doors fitted the brief...

Aluminium glazing solutions in a barn style building

Installation of the VueLite aluminium lift and slide door in Devon. A timber post has been positioned in front of each of the meeting stiles to create a feature and be more in keeping with the barn style building. ...

Oh I do like to be beside the sea side!

When you live in such close proximity to the sea and want to enjoy it as these customers do they needed a product that would stand up to the wind and rain, preform in the extreme marine conditions and that was high quality product. They went...