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Environmental Enhancements

For enhanced protection in aggressive or exposed environments (Marine or Industrial)
VueLite can offer additional protection so that you can rest assured that our product will hold up against the elements.


60 Micron Polyester Powdercoat Finish as standard to all VueLite doors coupled with the pre-anodisation of all sections prior to the Powder Coating process with an artificial oxidation treatment. This specialised procedure offers unrivalled performance throughout the industry and is performed in accordance with the strict guidelines of the European Qualanod standard.


Enhanced Water Threshold Options. These are not available on all options but where installed offer a minimum of 750PA water tightness as opposed to 450PA as standard.


Coatex Textured finish is an exclusive alternative to the standard paint finish. Available in a range of colours, offering a contemporary metallic look combined with improved scratch resistance of up to 60%. Furthermore, profiles lacquered with Coatex only require half the maintenance of traditional paint because of its microstructure that gives the surface a water-repellent character


All VueLite handles are polyester powder coated with no exposed metal surfaces, offering protection in corrosive environments


The Purity range of handles is also 100% recyclable 100% hypoallergenic, 100% ecologic and 100% non-corrosive – perfect for aggressive environments.