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What is Reynaers Aluminium?

Reynaers Aluminium is one of Europe’s leading providers of architectural aluminium profile for windows and doors.

Reynaers Aluminium develops and sells innovative and sustainable aluminium profiles for the building sector, providing solutions for all architectural styles. These profiles are processed by fabricators such as VueLite into windows, doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, conservatories, façades, curtain wall and skylights.


What is available within the product range?

The VueLite collection features an extensive range of products, including Lift & Slide doors, Bi-folding doors and Windows in hundreds of colours and finishes for bespoke designs:

What is the difference between a sliding patio door and a lift and slide door?

Standard sliding patio doors (often called straight slide) run on tracks in the bottom rail and rely on the user pushing the full weight of the door and glass to open with little mechanical assistance. As a consequence, larger doors can be noisy as weather-strips rub at the bottom and are difficult to manoeuvre for some users. Lift & Slide doors operate differently, as turning the handle downwards lifts the door panel up from the bottom rail, free of the weather stripping, its heavy duty wheels allow the user to move large, heavy units, often up to 300KG, with minimal effort.

Furthermore, the lift/slide opening door panel can be “dropped” back down at any point on its travel, and with the handle locked in position, it’s almost un-movable, offering incremental ventilation along the length of the track

How is the door packaged on delivery?

Owing to the size of the product, we supply all door outer-frames in kit-form, which only require screwing together on site with supplied fasteners (full details within our installation guide). The door panels themselves are cleated and crimped with two part adhesive in our factory, so are supplied fully fabricated. There will be additional ancillary boxes containing gasket, fastener packs etc

What are the maximum sizes you can offer the door?

We can offer our Lift/Slide door panels up to 2700mm high with a weight of 300KG. Please contact VueLite to discuss larger doors beyond these parameters.

What are the profile sizes of the doors?

The two track door frames are 139mm deep (inside to out), whilst the three track doors are 210mm deep.   In all cases, the outer-frames are minimal, being 35mm wide on the sides, 37mm deep on the bottom (standard threshold) and 45mm deep on the head (standard head profile without trickle ventilator add-on).  All opening or fixed panels are 94mm to all four sides as standard.  Our standard interlock (meeting stile) is 98mm but we can offer a narrow meeting stile of only 64mm wide for certain door configurations

Can the doors have trickle ventilators?

Yes if required – owing to the minimal outer-frame profiles these can’t accommodate trickle vents, so we offer a discreet 50mm add-on section to the head of the door frame, into which we can incorporate slot-type trickle ventilators. The add-on profile is finished to match the door frame and panels, whilst the trickle vents are available in black as standard with an upgrade to colour matching the door available for a surcharge

Is there a cill available on the CP130LS door?

No – the CP130LS has an integral cill threshold through which the door drains.

An additional L shaped decorative trim can be applied where the leading edge of the external brick/blockwork is exposed after the door is in situ for aesthetic/finishing purposes. These trims are available from VueLite in a variety of sizes to suit most applications and in the same colours and finishes as the door


Where can I see a VueLite CP130LS door?

Please contact VueLite on 01392 268-080 to find your local showroom

As a VueLite retailer, what support will I be offered?

VueLite have a very skilled and experienced Technical Department available to answer any questions or queries you may have with the product, in addition to providing any technical literature (including installation guides), calculations or CAD drawings you may require. Furthermore we have an in-house Fabrication Manager who can offer more detailed advice on the manufacture and construction of the product

What u-values will the doors offer me?

The overall u-value of door will depend on the configuration / number of panels and size, as the overall u-value is calculated as a formula of profiles verses glazing – ie the more glass, the better the door will perform.

However, examples of indicative u-values are as shown below:

Sealed Unit Centre-Pane ug value Overall Door uw value
1.2 w/m2K 1.78 w/m2K
0.7 w/m2K 1.37 w/m2K
What handle options do I have?

Please find details on the handles available for the VueLite CP130LS here

I live in an exposed coastal location, are the VueLite CP130LS doors suitable?

Yes! – there are several enhancements – some of which are optional –  which make the VueLite CP130LS doors suitable for exposed / marine locations, to include:

  • Pre-Anodisation of profiles prior to Powder Coating
  • During fabrication, all exposed cut profiles are fully sealed to prevent corrosion
  • A high-performance 750pa enhanced weathered-threshold
  • Reinforced meeting stiles – whilst maintaining the narrow sightlines – for performance of larger doors in areas with an increased Windload / exposure
Where are the doors manufactured?

All VueLite CP130LS doors are fabricated by our experienced team using state of the art CNC machinery in our factory in Exeter, Devon

Where do you deliver?

VueLite will deliver nationally

How long will my doors take to arrive?

Delivery is anticipated at 4-6 weeks from the time of order and cleared deposit payment, but is subject to change during busy periods – please contact us for updated manufacturing leadtimes

Can I have a “flush threshold”?

The minimum threshold upstand for the VueLite CP130LS door is 37mm, however, it is possible to have a flush internal floor level by installing the door with a suitable pocket – generally applicable to newly formed apertures. Please see our downloads area for information regarding the flush floor / pocket option

Will the doors comply with Document Q of the Building Regulations, when it comes under affect in October 2016?

Yes, the CP130LS will be fully compliant

Are CAD drawings available?

Yes, upon request we can supply CAD drawings and DWG drawings