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how many rails and door options are available?

2 Track door options VL

how many rails and door options are available?

The VueLite Lift and Slide doors offer a choice of 2 rail and 3 rail systems, giving flexibility both the direction and the amount of door you wish to be able to open.

2 Track door options VL The VueLite Lift and slide opening system combines excellent sealing against the wind and rain, with, at the same time, the ability to open and close the door effortlessly. This means that our doors are suitable for a huge variety of needs and suitable for the old and the young.

The 2 rail system allows for 2, 3 or 4 door options.  It integrates two glazed opening vents with an identical appearance, giving an aesthetically pleasing and versatile sliding door. Both vents can be made as sliding elements, giving total flexibility. Plus our stainless steel rails offer smooth operation and excellent durability.

3 Track door options VLA 3-rail system makes it possible for a third opening vent to be installed. This solution allows the user to slide door leaves one and two behind leaf three, opening up two-thirds of the width of the garden.

open corner door option VLOne of the features that sets this sliding door system ahead of the rest is a clever open-corner option where two sliding units meet at a corner. When closed, the double-weather gaskets protect against the elements. The system is designed with ease of use in mind and the two doors glide apart to open up the whole corner with no fixed post to get in the way or obstruct the view.