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Marine Enhancements


Marine Enhancements

The VueLite range has the capacity to deal with all manner of locations and our products have been installed in some of the most weather beaten locations!
The VueSlide can have the following enhancements added…

VueLite profiles are available in a wide range of colour options through a painting technique called Powder Coating. In the process of Powder Coating, the aluminium is first cleaned and de-greased, before a coloured powder is then sprayed onto the statically charged profiles. These profiles are subsequently baked in ovens, allowing the powder to melt together to offer a stable and high quality finish. VueLite offer a minimum 60 micron paint finish as standard, and to guarantee maximum quality, the procedure is performed according to the strict guidelines of the European Qualicoat standard.

VueLite doors are also treated to pre-anodisation of all sections prior to the Powder Coating process with an artificial oxidation treatment. This specialised procedure offers unrivalled performance throughout the industry and is performed in accordance with the strict guidelines of the European Qualanod standard.
Coatex Textured finish is an exclusive alternative to the standard paint finish. Available in a range of colours, offering a contemporary metallic look combined with improved scratch resistance of up to 60%. Furthermore, profiles lacquered with Coatex only require half the maintenance of traditional paint because of its microstructure that gives the surface a water-repellent character

Enhanced Water Threshold Options. These are not available on all options but where installed offer a minimum of 750PA water tightness as opposed to 450PA as standard.

Reinforced Meeting Stiles are available for the VueSlide. They can raise the Windload performance of the installation to a class C4 which is 1600PA. This is done through the use of Polyester Powdercoated reinforcement sections being added to the meeting stiles without compromising on the 69mm or 98mm sightlines.
All VueLite handles are polyester powder coated with no exposed metal surfaces, offering protection in corrosive environments.