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Mind the Gap!


Mind the Gap!

Imagine a home has a beautiful garden with a far reaching view, the owner adds a large extension and now has a 7 meter –What product could be used to fill that gap?

Patio doors are out – too many windows and side lights to make it look pleasing.

Bi-folds are an option but this would mean the impressive view is split up. And space to store the bifolds when open is required and to have an easy access master door would require 7 leafs. Maybe this is not what you had envisioned….

A lift and slide door is far and away the front runner. Using a triple track system two thirds of the wall can be opened without the need for additional storage space. But the real winner is the view. Instead of seven or more divisions we would be looking at 2 meeting stiles (one on a double track system) this is a far better glass to frame ratio and a visually impressive glazing solution.