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Purity handle range


Purity handle range


purity-design-handleVueLite offer 2 ranges in terms of handles for your sliding door and within that several options giving you the ability to really customise the door and make it your own.

The standard option is a robust elegant design available standard silver, black or white. This can also be painted to match any RAL colour. As with all sliding doors the inside requires a full handle but the outside can be equipped with a full handle or just a recessed cup handle.

Purity is the luxury range and comes in 2 different styles. Design is a stylish flat handle and comfort has a curved end. Both handles are made of a brand new material called PURA recessed-handle2which is fully recyclable, 100% ecological, non-corrosive and anti-allergic.
BIOV process finishing is based on the deposition of gaseous metal ions, applied under vacuum. The process of the finishing and the finishing itself are 100% ecologic,
leaving no toxic waste to the air or water. The finishing does not require
any galvanic chrome base to increase the wear resistance. The hardness, however, is two to three times more than a normal treatment (hardness: HV2500/3000 Vickers).

The BIOV™ treatment is as resistant to corrosion as high quality stainless steel (> 3000 hours salt spray (ISO9227-ASTMB117-DIN50021)). BIOV™ coating provides Purity with unique features, purity-comfort-handlesuch as high surface hardness, high durability and mechanical, UV (more than 2400 hours (UNI9397)), solvent, acids and alkali resistance.
Available in Sapphire black, Moonlight White and Lithium as standard, special on demand colours include Or, Obsidian, Belgian Chocolate, Polaris and Eclipse

The handle has its own unique new-generation mechanism, named Cliq-Claq. This mechanism slides over the square spindle of the doors or windows, and then snaps into place. Consequently, it ensures stronger fixation and allows the handle to come back to the perfect position.
This range combines next-generation material and mechanical properties with the superior Italian designer Leo De Carlo, who previously worked in the studios of Philippe Starck.

The result is a minimal, classical and rational design that will give the Reynaers systems a unique touch.