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Revolutionary Open Corner Lift and Slide Doors

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Revolutionary Open Corner Lift and Slide Doors

Creating a world of design possibilities, the VueSlide 130LS is a premium insulated Lift and Slide door system combining high weather performance with enhanced security and great aesthetics.

One of the features that sets this sliding door system ahead of the rest is a clever open-corner option where two sliding units meet at a corner. When closed, the double-weather gaskets protect against the elements. The system is designed with ease of use in mind and the two doors glide apart to open up the whole corner with no fixed post to get in the way or obstruct the view. The result is a stunning feature where the ceiling appears to defy gravity, floating above a truly panoramic opening to the garden.

VueSlide 130LS door system not only glides smoothly, it is also has a slim-line mid-section interlock to maximise the glass area. The door can be opened just a few centimeters for a little fresh air, wider to allow homeowners to slip out into their garden, or opened all the way to really let the outside in. This versatile door creates an extra feeling of space and generates more natural light within the home.

This sliding patio door system using genuine Reynaers profile has a maximum vent weight of 300kg and a maximum height of 2.7m – making it an ideal door for an extension or self-build project to create maximum visual impact and high-specification design.