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In the trade? Inspired by the VueLite range?

Talk to us about the options for placing our amazing Lift & Slide aluminium door in your showroom.

Built to endure, VueLite doors are engineered to be both robust and elegant. Our Lift & Slide door includes all the latest technological refinements in the sliding door market, including slim profiles, cornerless options, and lift and slide systems. Our Bi-folding door combines design, comfort and space efficiency, making the border between inside and outside virtually disappear. 


Beautiful doors with excellent capabilities, contact us, to place a Lift & Slide door in your showroom or to see how VueLite can fit the design requirements of your project.

Based on the Reynaers CP 130 aluminium profile and system, it offers tried and tested technologies which are among the most admired in the industry.


In the trade? Have a showroom? If you are as inspired by the VueLite range of sliding doors as we are, perhaps you would be interested in becoming a VueLite retailer. We would love to talk to you about the options for placing our amazing product in your showroom.


We are more than happy to meet with you, to discuss how together we can offer traditional virtues of design, service, craftsmanship and respect for our customers, combined with a commitment to creating advanced products using the best in modern materials and technology.


We know that you are looking to work with the best products in the marketplace and that your clients demand great design and engineering. We believe that the VueLite range of doors with be ideal for your needs.

The VueLite range of Sliding and Bi-Folding doors combines your vision with the performance requirements on your project to create the light and innovative spaces required by your clients.

  • With minimal view lines
  • Additional environmental enhancements
  • Range of finishes and colours
  • Door furniture
  • Premium quality product
  • Innovative features such as the open corner system

VueLite inspires and enables your design – making it the obvious choice for your project.

Contact us for a quotation or to find out more information.


We understand that your customers demand a quality product, and we understand the pressure you are under to deliver on time and in budget.

Not only are the VueSlide 130 LS and the VueLite 68 Bi-fold Door easy to install but does not compromise on quality or styling. Plus we offer you back up with installation guides and more in our Trade Information section 

  • Premium quality product
  • Online FAQ
  • Installation Guide         
  • Maintenance Guide
  • Excellent Guarantees                                                                                        

We aim to support all our retailers so you can deliver the best service for your customer. Get in touch for more information on the product range and how we can work with you, inspire design and go beyond performance requirements.