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Why Choose Aluminium?

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Why Choose Aluminium?

Aluminium windows have always been a popular choice for commercial projects, but now aluminium has become the go-to choice for architects and homeowners designing window frames in new houses or renovations. With their slim sightlines, multiple colour options and minimal maintenance, aluminium frames have come a long way since the 1980s.
Over recent years aluminium windows have advanced in terms of design and energy efficiency so they are now on a level playing field with PVC. They not only equal the efficiency of PVC but also offer flexibility in design. Oversized or unusually shaped windows are within easy reach of homeowners looking to create impressive features using glazing.

Slim frames
Aluminium is an incredibly strong and sturdy material, which means bulky frames are not needed to provide support. Therefore large apertures can be filled with a smaller number of panes, allowing you to maximise the glass area and maximise the view.
Reliable & durable
Aluminium is a very stable material with minimal expansion and contraction, with changes in temperature. This makes aluminium an ideal choice for sliding doors and bi-folding doors, where PVC and timber tend to warp and twist, making the doors hard to open and close.
Low maintenance
The modern finishes are so robust that they require minimal maintenance and will never need repainting. They won’t rust, rot or bend and are incredibly strong and stable. They will stand the test of time, withstanding British weather conditions.
Environmentally friendly
Aluminium is 100% recyclable without the loss of quality, so can be re-used after their long life as a window. They offer excellent thermal insulation, the developments in window design and thermal break technology mean that aluminium windows and doors are amongst the best insulted windows and doors on the market.
Security is of course near the top of the list when buying windows and doors. The robustness of aluminium offers superior strength to withstand any unwanted visitors. We use top-quality hardware and multipoint locking mechanisms to completely secure your aluminium windows and doors.
Precise manufacturing
Another benefit of aluminium is the absolute precision that can be achieved. That’s why all products are made to order. We recommending taking measurements after the aperture has been created.

Whatever the size, scale or style of your project, aluminium windows and doors from VueLite are a great choice.