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Why should you choose Aluminium?


Why should you choose Aluminium?

Reason 1 – Stronger=More Glass
Because aluminium is a strong material it can allow for large glass expanses without the need for bulky frame to support it and aluminium frames tend to have smaller meeting stiles than their uPVC and composite counterparts

Reason 2 – Minimal expansion/contraction
All products will expand and contract with changes in the ambient temperature. However aluminium is much more stable than its uPVC and timber counterparts that can warp and twist. With such large lengths of material aluminium is the perfect choice for lift and slide doors where the movement of other materials would make the doors hard to open and close.

Reason 3 – Colour
Aluminium can be powder coated in literally hundreds of colours and finishes allowing you to match or contrast your surroundings and create a unique home. Plus VueLite offer pre-anodisation for marine environments, Coatex textured coating for an even more hard wearing finish and the ability to have different colours inside and out. With minimal maintenance Aluminium will never need repainting

Reason 4 – Performance
Gone are the days of drafty aluminium, condensation dripping down the panes, cold to sit against and with low performance levels. The developments thermal break technology mean that aluminium windows and doors are among the best insulted windows and doors available. Check out our download section for more information on our profiles, u-values and performance levels.

Reason 5 – Go green
Aluminium is 100% recyclable without loss of quality. Our Purity range of handles are also 100% ecological and 100% recyclable. At the end of the long life of your windows and doors who knows what they might become next!

With all those great benefits, why wouldn’t you choose a VueLite Aluminium product?